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Paintless Dent Repair, PDR, Lansing, MI
In 1993, The Dent Guy was given "basic training" in paintless dent removal by a national dent removal company. Since then, he has been striving to continually perfect his skills. He left that company in 2007 and started his own business shortly after. He recently (summer 2011) spent several weeks advancing his skills in PDR in California with a master instructor.

It has always been Rick's goal to provide his customers with the highest quality dent repair possible. That's why he implemented a "no drill" policy. What does that mean? Unlike many of his competitors, Rick does everything he can to access a dent without drilling a hole to "create" access. You'd be surprised to learn how many of his competitors get their drill out right away without even considering their access options. His goal is to preserve your vehicle, not modify it with extra holes that are plugged. Even though he tries every possible option, he can't always get to a dent without having to drill a hole. When that is the case, he will always tell you and ask if you want a hole drilled. That way it's YOUR decision, not his. And why not? It's YOUR car!

He has a reputation for being very picky about his work. You can trust that your dent repair will be done to the high standard of quality that The Dent Guy's customers have come to expect.

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